Base Red Gravy (Frozen)

Base Red Gravy (Frozen)

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  • The soul of most indian dishes. This is the most versatile gravy.
  • The gravy comes in frozen form and need to be maintained at -18 Degree Celcius till before use. 
  • The product is free of any artifical preservatives. 
  • This is a base gravy of onion, tomato, ginger, garlic cooked with minimal herbs and oil and you need to add ingredients like masalas, butter, milk cream etc to finalize it to requirement of your dish and taste.
  • Good for both Veg and Non Veg dishes.
  • 300 gm pack is good for a portion size of 4 people. 

    This product is designed keeping in mind the people who love to cook but run short of time to do the elaborate preparation needed to cook Indian Food.

    This is a 'base' all purpose product and can be tweaked any which way as per your liking.

    If you run a food businness then the 1 kg institutional pack help your business by 

    1. Making sure that your chefs and cooks deliver consistant taste.
    2. You achieve faster turn around by serving more customers in less time.
    3. Reduces your trouble thus giving you the peace of mind to focus on customer and sales more and less on operations. 
    4. Reduces your requirement of space for Kitchen and of staff and thus increases your profitability.



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